talking about Start Fresh exhibit

I had a chance to talk about the Start Fresh exhibit at The Arts Council of Princeton in a piece called Curator Eva Mantell on Art, Wellness and Nature

I was talking about the artists in the show and about Mary Granville Delany, an inspiration:

“To me it’s very mysterious how that happened,” Mantell said in awe of the 72-year-old who suddenly transitioned into being an artist, “having the ambition to do about 1,000 pieces of art over 10 years, and they’re actually beautiful, brilliant pieces. It’s not just, ‘Oh, she did a lot to keep herself busy.’ It’s a compulsion that strikes her at this age.”

According to Mantell, Delany’s floral works were cut and painted paper collages – a process that, particularly in the late 1700s, was slow and rigorous.

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