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  1. Joy Taylor says:

    Hi Eva
    I bought a fabulous piece of yours years ago when Women’s Studio Workshop had an online auction. Cut leaf, positive and negative forms together,perhaps double-couched in abaca paper? I’ve never been sure how you cold have made it – I know how hard it is to cut heavy leaves into rounded intricate shapes… I just wanted to make contact with you after so many years of loving the piece. I also work with natural forms, so perhaps we have an affinity. Your current work is also fascinating –

    • admin says:

      Dear Joy,
      Thank you so so much for your message. I’m thrilled you have the piece that I made with the wonderful papermaker Anne Mckeown at the Brodsky Center at Rutgers. I made a series of unique multiples there, each an individually cut sycamore leaf pressed between two layers of abaca paper. It was a great experience working with Anne and I also got to peek in on and get a critique from printmaker Randy Hemminghaus. Thank you again and please keep in touch. I’d like to see your work. Can you share a link?

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