Visiting Artist Sessions

Working on a slide talk this moment, putting in some older work to make it a mini retrospective…going back to the ’90’s and performance work, and putting in some references to artists who have sustained me! Art is nothing less than sustenance for me!

Asian and Egyptian art from when I worked at the Penn Museum, Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen, the beguiling James Castle, the controversial Ana Mendieta, the frenetic Judy Pfaff, and more. The chunky, the tactile, the body, the earth, the comedy. I need to put in an early black and white Roy Lichtenstein, maybe bread in a bag: his deadpan, his school of the bloody obvious. He is so disciplined and severe, his focus never wavers. Funny and unnerving.

I’ll show it at the Visual Art Center of NJ, this Friday March 8th. Headed there for 3 of these presentations…with exercises to explore the exhibit by Cordy Ryman with the group, a talk about my own work, and a hands-on art project or more likely projects on the idea of choice and chance, process and materials, and how to structure art, either as a lesson, or in our own studios.

There is a public session on March 21