Ventana   acrylic and mixed media with magazine pages on canvas  36 x 36″

The Reveal   acrylic and magazines on wooden panel 18 x 18″





flowerpower magazines and acrylic on canvas 24 x 20″


















how does a flower know how to become a flower?







November 2017: Sarah Stengle’s essay Eva Mantell: Finding Structural Beauty in the Ephemeral I’m thrilled that she writes about the connection between art and math that she sees in my artwork. When Sarah came over for a studio visit, we spoke about a question by the mathematician Alan Turing: how does a flower know how to become a flower? I wouldn’t even need to have an answer as the question itself is so amazing. The question has its own beautiful momentum, like nature itself. Happily, Sarah does have an explanation for what Turing was talking about and she writes a really generous and touching and smart essay about it. My study on structure and pattern in nature gets expanded mightily by her ideas and knowledge of math. Thank you, Sarah Stengle.

In July I got to talk about art and activism with Father Michael Perry at The Painting Center in NYC.  I shared the work of Jae Jarrell, Mike Hot-Pence, Anthony Atamanuik, Celeste Dupuy-Spencer, Guillermo Gallindo, Betty Beaumont, Theaster Gates, Mierle Laderman Ukeles, Yoko Ono, Olafur Eliasson and a few more. Examples of transformative art and action. Art takes us new places and then some. Father Michael Perry is a great guy who is working in the community who wants to make the world better and increase empathy, understanding and healing. Thank you so much to Bill Hochhausen for presenting the conversation during the Painting Center’s exhibit Fight or Flight. Great to meet you and Father Perry and talk through these issues together! Thank you so much for my friends for being there, and for the artists from the show and gallery for attending. I appreciated you all being there so much.

Happy Summer Group Show: happy to be included in Animal Architects curated by Donna Payton at the Monmouth Museum through September 3 2017. a lot of interesting ideas in the room. I’m showing 3 paintings and a bunch of sculptures made from electrical wires.

Looking forward to more Overflow which is the ongoing conversation I’m having with Martha Lewis, Melissa Marks, Laura Watt. Stay tuned for the next show as the conversation takes the form of installation, drawing and sculpture.

I joined Soho20 this year, to exhibit my art in a feminist collective in Brooklyn. Is there not a better time to join a feminist collective in Brooklyn? I think there is not.

Other things are coming up. Details to follow.









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