a tower I built in the Bronx, a while back
2020 looking at my sculpture with Joel Beck’s painting, growing https://www.instagram.com/greenworldx2/
so pleased to be exhibiting this, also from a while back, at Ellarslie Museum in Trenton NJ through January 2021.
(floating garden) 2019 at the Arts Council of Princeton
Getting ready to install for the Trenton Circus Squad benefit on October 19
working on (light garden)
(light garden) 2019 first look at night
grid/painting. pool noodles and zip ties.
spring #4, extension cord, cable ties, 2019
yellow pillow, extension cord, cable ties, 2019
springtime, extension cord, 2018-2019
my heart, extension cord, cable ties, charger, iPad, 2019
sunlights, plastic straws 2017-2018

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