Pages From the Frozen Sea

photographs 2017 to 2018





Over the winter months, I have been creating a photo series that has me setting out buckets and containers of water and non toxic pigments to freeze overnight in the front yard. In the mornings I see how breaking, shattering, refreezing and reshattering makes a new world of crystals that reminds me of childhood and some kind of magic I find myself longing for.

Pages From the Frozen Sea is also a larger project with the artist Sarah Stengle. We asked artists from everywhere to join us as we try to understand ice as an endangered material. We gathered beautiful photo submissions from around the world and we are now creating changing projects, performances, publications. Ice is a fragile state, a shrinking memory. Think of ice floating in the sea, breaking, it may find other fragments to momentarily form larger groupings with. Our project is shifting, changing, disappearing.

(c) 2018 Eva Mantell